Music and Your Future Career

Music is a great teacher. Learning to play an instrument, including voice, requires a musician to develop persistence and resilience, two qualities that successful people in all walks of life practice abundantly.

To play with others, musicians understand how all the parts work together; this is a form of convergent thinking. Teamwork benefits from bringing different viewpoints or sounds together to create a whole.  Cognitively, analysis and synthesis are enhanced by membership in a musical group.

But can you earn a living based on a music background?

Take MIT for example.  Every student, regardless of major, must complete the engineering curriculum.  40% of the students minor in music!   MIT graduates are highly employable.

Consider Levy Lorenzo who started playing piano at age 5.  He says he’s still learning to play and he certainly practices.  Lorenzo graduated from  Cornell where he earned  bachelors and masters degrees in electrical and computer engineering then entered Stony Brook to earn a Master of Musical Arts (Percussion Performance) and Doctorate of Musical Arts.  Below are 2 links to Lorenzo’s work:  The Pringles marimba took him 80 hours to construct.  The hamster project was his thesis work (He earned an A);  the blue lines are tempo and the yellow lines are melody.  All pets belong to Lorenzo and none were harmed in the production of this piece of equipment.

Lorenzo is in demand worldwide and travels almost constantly.  BTW, he’s a Millennial.

► 1:43 Lorenzo‘s Hamsters






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