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50% of All Workers Are Part of The Gig Economy. Should You Be, Too?

The gig economy, also known as  portfolio work, is the way many people are earring a great living.  They work for themselves, lining up sequential jobs or multiple small jobs at the same time.

Many workers want full time gig work to create a balance between work and other aspects of their lives and many more earn extra money doing something they love.

Make Your Own Schedule

Here are 10 ways that young workers can benefit from this lucrative segment of the economy.

  1. Your work hours can be flexible.  If you’re a night owl you can shift your work hours to match your biorhythms or use time off for interviews.
  2. You may be able to work from anywhere.
  3. The jobs you take on can be different from each other, allowing you to gain experience in a variety of aspects of your trade.
  4. Many jobs are short term or could be one project long.  If you don’t like an employer or a task, you know that there is a defined end to the job.
  5. Gig work is an opportunity to try out a career that you’re not certain is the one for you.
  6. Within industry standards, you get to set your own fees.  As you gain experience your income can rise rapidly.
  7. Think of  gigs as a paid internship.
  8. You can vary the kind of job you look for to round out your portfolio and create great resume material.
  9. Gigging builds a network. Each contact and person hiring you is a potential recommender and reference.
  10. Portfolio work forces you to learn how to promote yourself and sell your skills to anyone hiring.  You need  to understand how to do this even more when ready to work full time for one company or individual.

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Never Be Out Of Work: How To Succeed In Portfolio Work

Clear Your Desk For Action
Clear Your Desk For Action

Individuals in the gig economy, are called Portfolio Workers because they develop a portfolio of jobs that they do and a portfolio of clients for each. One man I know with a successful portfolio teaches at a local university, owns a business in technical consulting and provides career counseling to other portfolio workers.

Independent contracting isn’t for everyone. Listen to the podcast to see if you have the skills and motivation to succeed as a freelance entrepreneur.

Portfolio work can be a good source of income but it can also assist in a career pivot or exploration of potential full time employment.  While you build your portfolio you are also building credentials for the next stage of your professional life.

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