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Current Financial Information for Students: Get Help, Loan Info, Stimulus Payments, More

Raise.me, a scholarship program that helps first year college students, has posted valuable information to help students find or keep money during the Covid crisis (https://www.raise.me/blog/students/financial-wellness-during-covid-19/). Raise.me is addressing concerns of current college attendees, and is not a prediction of what the money landscape will look like for today’s high school seniors or juniors.

For those who aren’t familiar with Raise.me, the basis of their scholarships is a student’s high school record. $$ are awarded for each A or B, activities, and leadership. The program offers a one-time scholarship that can be applied to first year college expenses.

There are 2 downsides to this bounty. It is only available based on high school experiences so there is no follow up for the rest of one’s college expenses. The money dispersed is considered income when the financial aid package for year two is calculated. The money has been spent on expenses for year 1 and now can reduce the amount of aid given to pay for year 2. If you have earned a large sum for year 1, get help calculating the difference it will make in year 2 and if you will have to borrow .

Every Little Bit Helps!

Raise.me Financial Incentives For Good Scholarship

Dear Students and Parents,

grade-156087_640I know that many of you have concerns about how to make a college education more affordable.
Through a new program called Raise.me, students can guarantee scholarships from 200+ colleges as early as 9th grade, making it easier to plan financially for school. Raise.me has proven to be a great tool to motivate students in high schools throughout the U.S., as the site immediately rewards students with scholarships for their hard work in and outside of high school. As an example:

Get an A in a course ($100 – $1,000)
Get a B in a course ($50 – $600)
Participate in a school club or sport ($25 – $250)
And much more!

Many colleges are  among the first in the country to take advantage of this opportunity, which was launched with the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and U.S. colleges. Here are a couple of easy ways to support your students in using this unique tool:

1) Ensure that your student creates an account at www.raise.me.
2) Encourage your student to regularly add good grades, community service, extracurricular activities, and other achievements to his or her raise.me “Portfolio” to earn “Micro-Scholarships” from colleges.
3) Visit www.raise.me/parents for more information.

We hope using Raise.me will make your student’s path to college both more fun and affordable.
If you have questions,  contact me at stephanie@accessguidance.com, 610-212-6679, or send an email to support@raise.me.


Stephanie Welder

Access College and Career Consultants, LLC