What to Research Before You Interview

After you are invited for an interview the most effective thing you can do is to become knowledgeable about the company.

Google and research the people who run the company and those that will conduct the interview.  If you can find points of connecting through interests and hobbies, background or people in your network you will have a way to connect quickly when you meet.   The background of the leaders and hiring manager offers clues to management and hiring styles.

Learn all you can about the company’s challenges and financial position, their standing in the industry.  Locate public statements, interviews, industry publications, comments by company leaders and also from competitors. Add this information to what  you’ve learned from the job posting and you will have keys to the problems you can solve for the company.  The person who understands the company and its challenges is the one who can move the company forward.

Find out what new products are in the pipeline.  Discover what the competition is doing.  Who has the reputation for innovation, rushing to market or  being dependable without taking risks.  Position yourself as an expert by demonstrating you understand what is important to your potential employer.

A story I heard from college career office concerns a student who had an outstanding performance record in internships and was well prepared for a job in her field.  At an interview for a job she very much wanted the first  question was “What was our stock selling for at the open of the market this morning?”  The candidate had no idea and tried to cover with the other things she knew about the company.  It was too late.  Although there were more questions, the interview clearly was over and the candidate didn’t get the job.

To be a winner you have to be a scout: Always be prepared!

There are standard interview questions, industry or company specific questions, behavioral questions and questions out of the box.  Are you ready for all of them?  I do interview prep that will have you confident and ready to sell yourself.  610-212-6679 or stephanie@accessguidance.com