The Key to A Successful Interview

If you’re like me, you hoped to leave research behind you when you graduated.  If fact, the skills you learned in planning science experiments or writing papers for social studies are just the ones you need to ace an interview.

Hopefully, if you are looking for a job you have the industry pegged.  Start by researching the successful companies and industry trends.  Google the names of people who surface; read their articles.
Next Take a close look at the company you are targeting.  Find out about their performance and executives.
Finally, learn as much as you can about the person or people conducting the interview.  If you are both golfers you have a way to make a human connection from the outset.  Discover why they are hiring for this position at this time.  If you know someone who works there, ask them what they know.
The objective of all this research is to make you the most prepared candidate, prepped with industry information, the reputation and position of this company within the industry, significant details about the key players.
You will be given an opportunity to ask questions; write thoughtful inquiries that show your understanding.  The person hired isn’t always the most credentialed or experienced but the one who did the most homework.

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