How Should You Prepare For a College Interview?

College interviews are required by  some and strongly advised by others.  Preparation for contact with the person who may make the decision to accept your application.

Begin with a thorough investigation of the college website for insight into their mission, strengths and offerings.  While you’re looking, consider what you might want to explore or find out more about in an interview.  If the answers aren’t readily available on line,  write questions for the interviewer on these items.

It isn’t possible to predice what the interviewer will want to know but there are some questions that are frequently asked.  Take time to prepare answers, keeping in mind what you learned on their website.

1.  Think about 5 things you want the interviewer to know about you. Work these into a response to “Tell me about yourself”.

2. Compile a list of 5 things the college you ultimately choose must have.   Use the ones that help answer “Why do you want to attend this college”.

3. How do you spend your time when not in school or doing school work?  Do you prefer structured activities or unstructured?

4. Identify are your strengths as a student.

5. Be prepared to discuss an academic paper or project you are proud of.

At the end of the interview,  thank the person you’ve spoken to.  When you get home send a thank -you email, or even better, mail a had written note of appreciation.

Making a personal contact at a college you’d like to attend is a great way to show your commitment.




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