In an Interview, Attitude is Everything

Ok, not everything attitude it is  often the determining factor in who gets hired.

I love using aphorisms when they illustrate a point.  One I like  is repeated in public speaking training and applies to graduation speakers especially: ” The audience may not remember what you said but they will remember how you made them feel”.  Yes, and interviewees can increase their chances by remembering this maxim.

Gina,  a current client who is preparing for a first interview is very nervous about making a good impression.  Gina has not done well in other interviews recently and really wants this job.

Although we don’t know what the interviewer will ask we do know certain things about the interview process.  One of them is that the person who is hired will bring a can-do attitude to all contacts with the interviewers, staff and any one else in the company.  Confidence can be contagious, especially when backed up with examples of previous successes in the areas that the employer cares about.

Gina may not ace every question put to her but if she can make the interviewer feel positive and excited to have her come on board, she will be a front runner for the job.






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