5 Questions You Need To Ask To Ace An Interview

exchange-of-ideas-222787_640It goes without saying that your interview prep is heavy on research into the company and the industry to which you are applying. Before you enter the interview room you should know how the job integrates into the company’s hierarchy and strategy. In the bigger picture, you need to understand where the company fits within the industry.

Interviewers expect candidates ask useful and insightful questions as a follow up to answering questions. When the interviewer pauses, its time to ask more pointed questions about the job.

1. How does this role ( or how will I) impact the performance of the company (or department)?  The answer to this question will give you insight into the integration of the position in the company.

2. What are your priorities for the first 90 after your new hire comes on board?  Knowing this will help you craft answers to the interviewer’s questions that allow you to demonstrate how well your experience helps the company meet objectives.

3. How will my success be measured?  The question asks for benchmarks and describes the company culture.

4. Tell me about your history with the company? Why do you choose to work here?  Candidates learn insider information about the strengths of the company and personal information about at least one employee.

5. Do you have any reservations about my qualifications?  The answer offers you another opportunity to clarify and reiterate you qualifications.

job-interview883879_640-1As always, you want to end by asking “What is the next step in the hiring process and  when will that take place?”  You need to know how and when you will be contacted to move forward.

A good interview is a conversation in which you show your qualifications for the job, your knowledge about the company and your commitment to helping the company reach its goals.

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