Change Makers’ Handy Hints


Change Makers, Rain Makers, Decision Makers: those of us who aspire to change something about our lives, or our community, occasionally feel as though we aren’t making progress and need to re-evaluate,  Consider these 5 ideas that others have used to keep themselves on track.

  1. Everything is hard at first.  We don’t remember how hard once a routine sets in so be prepared for the discomfort of the new or cutting edge.
  2. Make a list of goals.  Everyday come up with 20 ways you can achieve them.  What have you done today to move in a positive direction?
  3. Set deadlines for meeting your goals.  Accept no excuses, explore your challenges!
  4. To earn more, you have to learn more; spend an hour reading in your field daily.
  5. When you hit a dead end you’ve come upon an opportunity to learn something you didn’t know, to make new decision in light of  new circumstance, to change course.  All good!

Progress comes through trial and error.   Harness disappointment and discouragement as motivators to keep pushing forward.

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