Inside Scoop On Playing College Sports

A huge number of high school students are involved in competitive sports programs, at some, more than half of the student body.    Although there are many athletes who are outstanding, only a mere handful make it to college teams with scholarships.

If you are one of the hopefuls, look at this website for information on your specific sport:

Here’s what you can learn about football, for instance.   There are over 1 million high school football players.  Of those, 8.2% go on to play college ball at any level and only 1.3% are on NCAA Division 1 teams.  D1 schools carry 117 players.  The average athletic scholarship across all teams in all sports at a given institution is %19,000.  Football has lots of scholarships divided among the team: some get a full scholarship, others get a partial and many get nothing at all.

The odds of playing college football are 1 in 41 and the odds of going pro are 1 in 603.

Beach Volleyball is one of the fastest growing college sport.  Across all governing authorities, there are 72 colleges with teams, 47 are NCAA D1.  The D1 scholarships, across all teams, all sports is %17,000.   Athletic scholarships can be full, partial or none offered.

Because this is a growing sport and colleges may be recruiting, college admission may be easier and financial aid packages more generous.

The website list all the schools with programs in each sport, admission data and scholarship averages.

If you are an athlete or parent of an athlete, get the facts before you plan your approach to financing your son or daughter’s education.

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