Allegheny College, One Of Pennsylvania’s Finest

Recently, I sat down with two admissions reps from Allegheny College in western Pennsylvania.  This Liberal Arts College has a great reputation for turning out well prepared graduates.  Allegheny is ranked in the top 50 most rigorous colleges and its home town of Meadville is #7 of the best towns to live in for Pennsylvania.

Strong majors include pre-professional training (80% of pre-med studetnt are admitted to medical school).  Engineering boasts a 5 year program with Washington University (St. Louis) and Columbia University (New York City).  The business department now includes Managerial Economics.

The environmental science department is in the top 5 nationally.  There is a garden for fruit and vegetables that are used to feed students and an aquaponics initiative.

New on campus is the neuroscience and psychology building.  Both are excellent departments.

Allegheny is Test Optional and scores aren’t required for merit aid.

Students have 3 advisors: 1st year advising, an advisor in their major and one for their senior thesis.

Allegheny hosts a community of fraternities and sororities but neither the Greeks, jocks or any other group dominates the social life.

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