Same Job, Different Salary?

Salary differentials are fodder for office gossip everywhere.  Many office workers love to speculate on who makes what and why.  Resentments steep in the toxic atmosphere created when salaries are compared.


There are a variety of reasons for differences in salary.                                                                   -Length of time with company or in the industry; flexible work schedule               -Additional training or responsibilities                                                                                     -Different skill sets even for people with the same job description                                               -Level of performance

Rather than worrying about what everyone is making, focus on the whole compensation package.  Know what your skills are worth in the marketplace.  If you feel under paid, talk to your boss, ask for clarification.  A good time to have this discussion is when you have your performance review.

Sometimes workers who are long time employees are given regular raises but because they were paid less at the beginning when salaries were lower, they are making less than a new hire.   Most companies track compensation changes but if you feel this has happened to you, it should be brought to the attention of management.

Lets talk about compensation, negotiating and asking for a raise.  Give me a call at 610-212-6679 or  Follow on Twitter @accessguidance.

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