Four Ways To Be The Grad That Gets The Job: Start Now

Getting a job is all about relationships.  Sure, you must have relevant experience and some specific skills but they won’t get your foot in the door of the person making the decision.

Start building connections as soon as you’ve set up your dorm room.

  1. Figure out who your “Five” will be.  Jim Rohn posits that we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with so find five who represent who you want to be.  Will you choose people who are kind and help where ever needed?  The ruthless and aggressive business set?  Others lacking confidence and afraid to take risks?
  2. Identify the influencers on campus or in your company.  Who knows how to get things done?  Who can help you do your work better?  Learn all you can from them about culture and processes.
  3. Making connections can begin with a cup of coffee or a response to a post but real relationships take time to deepen.  Trust isn’t built in a day.  The more experiences you share the stronger your bond will become.
  4. Look for opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals.  Take part in alumni and charity events.  Play golf or attend sports oriented functions. Offer help or guidance to others.   Be certain that you put as much into a relationship as you expect to get out of it.

By now you know that hiring is done through personal networks and referrals from connections.  Master the hierarchy on campus, in the organizations where you have internships and each successive employer.

Introverts can become expert networkers, building confidence and influence as they go.  Learn how: Connect with me on LinkedIn, call me at 610-212-6679 or email


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