2017 Trends in EA and Ed Admissions

Students who applied to colleges for Early Action or Early Decision consideration found that the number of admits was down this year, at least for students in the Delaware Valley.

There could be a number of reasons but one of the most prominent that comes to mind is that the published average SAT and ACT scores of admits in previous years is still being reported by Old SAT numbers.  New scores are about 70 points higher making mid-50% applicants using the published figures about 70 points lower than those who are being admitted.

Lets say you want to attend Exton College with a mid-50% range of  1400-1500 according to the college website.   The actual numbers using New SAT scores is 1470-1570.  The applicant with a 1410 is now below the mid-50% mark.

Colleges are also taking a closer look at how the applicants will fare on campus in leadership roles and other qualities they bring to campus.  More than stats matter in admission decisions.

An important factor is where the student chooses to apply.  Most colleges and universities try to build a class with geographic diversity by admitting students from as many states and international locations as possible.

Consultants have seen an increase in the number of Del Val students applying to the same universities, in particular Penn, Pitt, Maryland, Wisconsin and Villanova among others.  Each new application from a high school or region decreases everyone’s chances of admission.    The remedy is to look farther afield to schools that have fewer applicants from your area.  Think outside the geographic box and beyond where your friends are applying.

Lets get together and plan an application list that adds geography, higher score expectations, and timing to your list of criteria.   Its time for juniors to finalize their lists and for sophomores to begin adding and dropping colleges from their wish lists. stephanie@accessguidance.com or 610-212-6679.  I can meet you in Exton, PA,         Marlton, NJ or in a cyberconference.

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