New Admissions Status Offered More Often

Its the time of year when admissions decisions are sent to students and a new category is appearing more frequently this year (admission year 2018).    Most students will see a Yes, you are admitted in a welcome email or Sorry, we couldn’t admit you in a denial.   Some students will be offered a place on a wait list, a place in limbo.

The waitlist is a way for colleges to have a go-to list of motivated applicants in case not as many of the admitted students deposit as are needed to fill the class.  Length of the wait list varies from college to college as does the process for cherry picking the students who will be plucked from it for admission.

A change of status for waitlisted students can happen anytime after may 1 when the total of students accepting admission is known.  Many colleges look at the demographics and hard data of the admitted class and choose students from the waitlist who fill in gaps.

This year it appears that an increasing number of colleges are offering something new: Second Year Admission to students as transfers.  Instead of yes, no, maybe, applicants are offered admission as a sophomore if they successfully complete a year at another college.

There are advantages for the student with a strong desire to attend this particular institution.  They are free to accept an offer elsewhere or to save $$ at a community college.  Accepting 2YA is non-binding.

Colleges who admit students into the second year class know that they will be able to fill the spaces of students who choose to transfer out after one year.  Second Year Admission could be a win-win.

As with any admission, compare the financial aid packages before you decide which one to choose.


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