3 Things That Lead To Promotion


Being promotable is as easy as ABC.  As with interviewing for a new job, you want to show that you already have the soft skills needed in the new position.  Employees who are creative, innovative and who have a history of solving problems are considered more valuable.

A.  The ambitious person will actively seek problems to solve.  A problem you can attack could be as simple as making certain that there is fresh coffee all day or as serious as revision of the on-boarding procedures for new clients.

B. The upwardly mobile employee seeks projects and responsibilities beyond the current job description.  Join a team effort. Lend a hand when a co-worker is overwhelmed.  Volunteer to lead a project.  Beginning early in your tenure in a position get to know the other employees (or in a large company  meet the key players in each department), their responsibilities, and how your job impacts theirs.  Knowing how the parts of the company function positions you to work smoothly with everyone.

C. Let your boss know that you are open to expansion of your duties and are actively looking forward to consideration for a promotion.  If no one knows of your interest you may not be considered.  Needless to say, how you approach the chain of command and co-workers is vital.  Avoid brown-nosing, being the office know-it-all, don’t step on toes or appear to be trying to replace your boss!

Need to talk about office politics or how to position yourself to be noticed?  I can help. stephanie@accessguidance or 610-212-6679.  Lets talk soon!

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