MIT Offers Digital Diplomas

For a long time it has been possible to earn a degree in a field of technology that leads to a well-paying, ever-changing job. Block-chain technology is now making it possible for workers and college graduates to demonstrate their experience and credentials.

As long ago as 4000 years, merchants in the middle east created small mud or clay blocks inscribed with the details of a transaction.  When the transaction was complete, goods delivered and both sides were satisfied, the tiny tablet was cracked or broken to signify the end of the contract.

Modern education uses something similar, a digital badge, to show that a student has accomplished specific tasks, acquiring proficiency.  Some colleges and institutions of higher learning attach the badges to certificates issued to students.

MIT has come up with a way to use block-chain to record education details in the same manner as  ancient businesses recorded transactions.  Block-chain records are harnessed together to create digital documentation of a degree earned.

Here’s a link to the article from Inside Higher Ed:

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