Where Hiring Managers Look For Candidates

Alan Carniol   Hidden Job Market


When hiring managers have an opening to fill they use these sources to find the right candidate.

  1. First Choice They hire someone they’ve already worked with, a subordinate or a colleague, or someone they worked with at a different company.

If they don’t find someone …

  1. Second Choice Reach out to someone who comes recommended by a friend or a trusted colleague/advisor they trust implicitly.

Then if they don’t find someone, they….

  1. Third Choice Hit up referrals given from a weaker connection-like a subordinate, or a friend, or someone in their network-where they can see some evidence of their past performance (like LinkedIn)

Then, if they don’t find someone…

  1. Fourth Choice   Maybe if they are lucky, a stranger will show up at the right time and the right place )e.g., a networking event, or reach out to them cold) and will quickly inspire trust and create a relationship.

Finally, if none of the other four avenues yield a solid candidate:

  1. Fifth Choice They’ll have HR post the job on websites and run ads in newspapers.  HR takes over from this point and screens all the candidates for interview.


This is how it works behind closed doors.

Choices 1-4 are the “hidden” jobs market.  Only the fifth option is in the public jobs forum.

Thanks, Alan.  Now that you know how HR finds candidates, you can see that networking is the best way to be in the right place at the moment a job opens up.  Lets formulate your networking plan so that you are top-of-mind when HR starts thinking about who to hire. stephanie@accessguidance.com or 610-212-6679




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