Websites for College Detectives

The preoccupation of juniors outside of school, is developing their college application list.  For most families there is a discouraging overabundance of facts, figures, brochures, even recruitment phone calls from current students. The  information can be overwhelming not to mention the opinions of relatives and friends.

Here are some websites where you can find useful information without scouring the cyber universe.

Search for Colleges

You will find lists of colleges by location, major, selectivity, cost and more.  Easy to use and search can be saved.

Tour the Campus in your PJs

Lots of good info here starting with the number of students, admission stats, type of college and other details.  Virtual tours, maps of campus so you can find the admissions office if you go in person, videos and unscripted interviews make this a top resource.

Can I Get In?

Not only does College Raptor generate lists based on student profiles and performance but they also estimate your chances of admission.  There are many factors that enter into holistic admission reviews; Raptor looks at academic background only.  The prediction is useful only in helping a student balance the college application list.  Too many colleges in the Reach category may reduce chances of admission to any of the choices.  Too many colleges in the Likely Admit range may send a student to a college without enough challenge.

A solid college list has options in the Likely admit, Target and Reach categories.  All colleges will be ones that the student will be happy to attend if admitted.

Listmania             https;//

Looking for colleges that superscore the SAT?  Meet at least 50% of need?  Have a Kosher kitchen?  Start here!   Most of the lists are free. Skip the lists that ask for payment; if you subscribe to the newsletter you may get that information anyway.  Check the blog, too.


Whether  you are working on your preliminary list, choosing colleges to visit or finalizing the ones you will apply to, I can help. or 610-212-6679.








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