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American University Adds DC Semester Gap Program

The AU Gap Program allows students taking a gap year of gap semester to work at an internship in DC three full days a week while living on campus and taking a college seminar in International Affairs. Internships are available in politics, journalism, business, tech, social justice, environmental advocacy and more. In addition to the online application, applicants must submit the following supplemental items electronically or via mail: High school transcript(s), A recommendation from your high school academic counselor or teacher, A recommendation from an extracurricular or community contact. Once the required documents are received, applications are submitted to the admissions committee for review and students may be contacted for a phone interview. The Deadline for applying for spring semester is November 15, 2019.

Where You Go To College Matters To Homeless Pets

Making certain that all pets find forever homes instead of being euthanized is a passion of mine.  I’m a fan of Best Friends *bestfriends.org for heartwarming stories), the organization leading the way toward No More Homeless Pets and no kill shelters.  Clearly, some colleges feel the same way.

TreeHacks 2017, a hackaton hosted by Stanford University and attended by students from computer programs around the country, focused on using computer technology to save homeless pets.  A hackaton is a time and place for the tech savvy to gather to work collaboratively on programming solutions to a defined problem.  Over 36 hours teams developed a program to shift incoming rescued animals to the least crowded shelter; another team created a program for cameras that only saves pix showing the pet from eye-level, the view that shows the animals best features; a third group invented pop-up shelters for lost and homeless pets.

If you are a business major at American University in Washington, DC, you can overcome your nerves before making a presentation to your professor by practicing with a “non-judgmental canine audience”.  Tail wagging is known to show approval and build confidence in the speaker.

There are a few colleges that permit pets in some dorms or adopt the homeless as dorm mascots.

FYI: 9000 animals are killed in shelters EVERY DAY, most of them just because they are homeless!

Whether you are on your way to college or to job, keep in mind that there is always a way to support your values.  If you can’t adopt a homeless animal right now, volunteer to walk dogs at a shelter; drive an dog or cat from its current location to an adoption center or new home; become a care-giver for a colony of community cats; or support local legislation that makes it easier to save and more difficult to kill homeless pets.

The examples sited above are from Best Friends Magazine, April/May 2017

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