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U of New South Wales for Study Abroad or a Degree

Sydney, Australia is home to the University of New South Wales, a research institution that hosts about 1000 American study abroad students each year and many more who earn a degree from UNSW.

Ten minutes from a gorgeous beach and 15 minutes from the thriving business and cultural center, UNSW attracts students from all over Australia and the world.  Ranked at #45 on the list of top world universities, most departments are in the top 50 world wide.

American students can choose this university for their degree studies and spend their study abroad time at a university in the US (or anywhere else!).  Tuition plus room and board run about $45,000 US dollars.  Law and medicine are direct entry meaning that you can earn your degree in the 4 years that your  friends are doing undergraduate work.  Both degrees are recognized in the US.

There are 15 flights daily from Philadelphia to Sydney.  That amounts to lots of people going from here.  All of the Fortune 500 companies have offices in Sydney, just in case you’re looking for an internship.

Undergraduate degrees take 3 years with an optional 4th year which most students choose.

Australia has its own college admission test; scores determine which universities the student can apply to.  Students from the US submit ACT, SAT, or IB scores and a transcript without taking the Australian admissions test.  In order to welcome more American students, admission requirements for US students are not as stringent as they are for top US colleges, although they vary by area of study.  Engineering requires a 26/27 on the ACT; 1240-1290 SAT; IB 32-34, depending on the engineering program.  Bachelors of Medicine is 29 ACT; 1390 SAT; 38 IB.  Architectural Studies ask for 28 ACT; 1280 SAT; 33 IB.

Here’s a glossary of terms you’ll need to know to convert Aussie Speak into standard US college lingo.

Australian                    US

Faculty                           College (College of Arts and Sciences)

Program                       Major

College                         Residence Hall

Example: “I’m applying to the Faculty of Built Environment to study city planning or computational design although I’m still interested in interior architecture.  I’ll be living in Fig Tree Hall, an alcohol free college.”

Translation: “I’m applying to the college of Built Environments where I’ll study urban planning or computational design; I’m still interested in interior design.  My dorm is Fig Tree Hall which is a substance-free living space.”

Should you be interested in more information for admission or study abroad, I’ll give you the local reps name and contact information.  stephanie@accessguidance.com or 610-212-6679