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Contextualizing Tech Now Reads Resumes

When you submit your resume the first reader is often a computer.  You already know that to get past this technology gate you need to include keywords that show you have the experience that matches the requirements of the position.  Generation Next in applicant tracking systems is  technology that looks for keywords but also looks at the context in which they are used.  You’ll be more successful if you follow these suggestions for placing keywords.

Starting at the top of your resume, in the introduction (summary), use a few bullets that include 3-5 of the keywords you’ve identified for this position.

In your experience section, highlight your achievements using the keywords.  Use keywords again when you list recent training or skill updating.

You can help the ATS identify the keywords by using an easily read font such as Arial.  Keep the resume format simple to enable the computer to “see” all that you have written.  Eventually, a human will look at your resume, most likely on a device, so make all of your information easy for the eye to locate.

What type of file should be used?  PDF is safe, is readable across devices and can be faxed.

All of this sounds pretty cut and dried.  Don’t forget to include your excitement about the job, your passion for exceeding expectations, your unique human qualities.