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How To Nurture Your Children’s Gifts

I love to talk to parents of young children about preparing them for future success: getting into college and translating education into a satisfying life.  I came across this article that give some of the same advice that I offer.  Tips are not limited to children identified as talented or gifted.  Enjoy!

How to Help Your Gifted Child Thrive

How Art Class Can Raise Your Communication Skills

Art as a class from Kindergarten through high school has been one of the first budget items to see the red line.  Art and music as college majors have also been seen as frivolous and not leading to a sustainable career.

In the job market we’re finding that individuals who have had exposure to art classes have heightened communication abilities.  Drawing is no longer viewed as a “special talent” owned by a few, rather, it  is an essential skill that can be developed by anyone.

Here are a few examples of how taking an art class can enhance your performance on the job and in all aspects of life.

People who draw become better at making observations.  They take in details and relationships.  The more you notice, The easier it becomes to identify positive and negative trends.   The stronger the comparisons you make, the more accurate the predictions, the more effective your results.

Thinking creatively in an art class carries over into resourceful problem solving, one of the key ingredients in work.   Original ideas depend on novel interpretation of people, situations and concepts. Synthesis, a higher order thinking process, is the imaginative recombination of elements with potential for unraveling dilemmas.

Sketching can illustrate quickly and more clearly than offering only a verbal description.  A quickly produced sketch makes visual the relationships among people, places and objects, enhancing your proposal.

Observation, creativity and communication are the root of business success.   Consider taking an intro course to drawing or painting and artfully develop your communication style.

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