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Vermont Offers $10K To Remote Workers Who Move There

If you like to work from Starbucks, the park, or even Indonesia, if you make Vermont your home and work remotely for a company headquartered outside Vermont, the state will write you a check for $10,000.

The plan is good for Vermont because you will be spending your money there, buying a house or renting one.  Your groceries will come from the local market and you will buy gas from the local station.

You benefit because Vermont has a live-and-let-live attitude, is home to several top notch universities and has a lower cost of living than, say, the mid-Atlantic region or Chicago.  And locally sourced, eco-friendly, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is made just down the road.

Vermont is known for its fall color and attracts visitors from all over the county and Europe. There is great skiiing in-state.  Boston, NYC, Montreal and Quebec are a short trip away.

So who could you work for?  The Flexjobs article lists 7 companies that are hiring right now.  Polish your resume, pack your bags and go collect your bonus!