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Hiram College Changes Face of Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts has been lost favor with parents as an educational direction in the belief that a 1:1  concordance between major and career has better outcomes.   Employers, on the other hand, find the skills learned studying a subject that falls in one or more of the departments in a College of Arts and Sciences.

Hiram College (Hiram, Ohio) has begun a reorganization of its liberal arts offerings into 5 colleges with interdisciplinary majors and a strong experiential component.  Other colleges have made changes in similar directions.  Read more in this article from Inside Higher Ed.


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Franklin College: $4000 for Out of State Students

Franklin College,  is a hidden gems among liberal arts colleges.  Franklin is part of the fabric of the town, Franklin, Indiana.  Many of the faculty and staff walk to work from the lovely residential neighborhood that surrounds the campus.

Franklin College
Franklin College

Students can choose among 55 majors, 41 minors and a masters degree in athletic training. There are  50 student run  organizations and 450 activities are hosted by the activities board annually.  Franklin reports that it is a DIII NCAA “powerhouse” in the Heartland Conference.  Check out www.franklincollege.edu.

The student body numbers 1,000 of whom about 20% have parents without a college background.  Everyone I met on this friendly and engaged campus works to ensure the success of all students.  The breakdown of men:women is 50:50 (most colleges are 60% women or more).

First generation college students and their families are invited to Franklin for an orientation weekend before formal orientation.  Families are helped to feel part of the college experience and are better able to support their student.  Including families is unique to Franklin.  Each first generation student also receives a mentor from among the first generation upper classmen.

Students who become involved with organizations in the first 6 weeks of freshman year are 10 times more likely to graduate. On weekends Franklin offers immersive experiences with faculty, 10-15 on-campus events plus theater and sports.  About 40% of the students join Greek organizations but not doing so isn’t a barrier to participating fully in activities.

Franklin College
Franklin College

Another key to student success is financial aid.  Students who live outside of Indiana begin with a $4000 grant and other generous aid is stacked on top.  For Pell-eligible students, Franklin College will cover tuition.

Teaching is individualized and experiential.  Lots of internships are offered with the top people in the field.

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