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Strategies for Scoring 800 on the Math SAT and SAT II

How To Score 800 on the Math SAT: Tips From Students and Tutors

Do extra stuff:

1. Practice concepts which aren’t in the syllabus but are related none the less. Often a math problem can be solved in multiple ways which aren’t covered in the default syllabus.

2. Recheck your answers efficiently.

3. Do as many difficult problems as you can.  Ensure you are clear about the concepts.  Practice, practice, practice solving problems.

4. Take (practice) subject tests and use Tips For SAT Subject Tests.

5.  Take timed practice tests and go over the problems you missed.  Take as many timed practice tests as you can.

6. Master your graphing calculator  Use it to solve equations and test questions in different prep sites or books.

7. Practice answering problems without the graphing calculator as Section 3 disallows the use of a calculator

8. Memorize the reference table so you don’t have to flip back and forth

9. Take practice tests from Princeton Review, Kaplan and Kahn Academy

Need help choosing the Subject tests to take?  Lets look at your curriculum and decide what will serve you best.  stephanie@accessguidance.com or 610-212-6679


When Should I Take the SAT?

Students recently asked me this question during a “What’s on your mind” discussion. Typically, juniors have taken the standardized test in the winter of their junior year.

However, College Board is coming out with a new version of the SAT beginning in March, 2016 when current sophomores would be taking the exam. Should they take the current version earlier or prep for the new version?

Kate Paparazzo of Princeton Review points out that the PSAT changes in October of 2015 and will resemble the new SAT being rolled out the following spring. PR will be tutoring for the new PSAT starting in the summer of 2015.

The new SAT will replace esoteric vocabulary with more words that have double meanings to assess the test taker’s ability to read for context. The essay will be optional on the new test.

Princeton Review will begin to tutor for the current SAT in the summer and fall of 2015.  They will also offer prep for the new SAT as early as the fall of 2015. If you plan to take the new version instead of the old, you can take their prep course in the fall or winter for the March test date.

To review: Prep the new PSAT in the summer of 2015 for the October, 2015 PSAT.

Prep the current SAT in the summer or fall of 2015 for fall 2015 or January and February 2016 test dates.

Prep the new SAT in the fall or winter for March, 2016 or later test dates.

Reminder: many colleges are now test optional for admission but if you want to be considered for merit (free) aid you need to submit test scores.

While many colleges don’t require a writing sample, many still do. Rochester Institute of Technology uses the writing score to decide admission because they believe that the ability to communicate in writing is predictive of success.

Many thanks to the students who suggested this blog topic.  I appreciate your input and hope you will continue to ask questions.