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Prepping For The SAT Reading Section

Knowing what to expect on a standardized test is one good way to improve your score.  Here are some tips from the Summit Educational Group to initiate your prep for the SAT.

The reading section gives test takers 65 minutes to read 5 passages and respond to 9-11 questions per passage, 52 total.  The passages range in reading level from 9th grade to early college.

Passages and questions are designed to have students distinguish words with multiple meanings from context, give evidence in multiple choice questions, analyze information in charts or graphs attached to the package.

Balance the time you have among the passages.  Spend about 5 minutes reading, looking for the author’s point of views, attitude toward the subject matter, key points.  Write notes on the test booklet as you go.

You will then have 45 seconds to answer each question.  They are all worth the same amount so do the ones that are easier first.

Opinions differ on whether to read the questions before tackling the passage.  Pre-reading the questions can direct your attention to what is important but it does reduce the time you have to read the passage and complete the questions.

Most test prep companies offer multiple iterations of the test to familiarize students with the styles and types of questions they will encounter on the version that appears when they open the booklet on test day.  Take as many as you can find online or in your prep materials.

Do you have a strategy for scheduling test prep and examination dates?  Let me help you create a time timeline that fits your personal schedule yet leaves time to re-take the SAT or ACT before the scores must be on the admissions officeer’s desk.  stephanie@accessguidance.com, 610-212-6679