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Is Your Social Media Presence College Ready?

This won’t be there first time this blog has covered social media accounts.  It goes without saying that you need to keep your presence acceptable to college admissions officers and potential employers who increasingly investigate candidates through their social media accounts.

Social media can help you achieve admission or a job if you use your social network wisely.    Here are 5 ways you can do that.

  1. Post appropriate material for the platform.  What looks great on Snapchat may not a good fit for Instagram.  Consider your audience and post accordingly.
  2. Use your profile to reveal information.  Write about what you hope to study and why it interests you.  Add accomplishments.  Mention steps you are taking to reach goals.
  3. Place posts strategically rather than repeating the same material across the board.
  4. Google yourself occasionally.  Remove old material that doesn’t fit the image of who you are now.
  5. College admission and job acquisition require self marketing.  Think of social media as part of your marketing campaign.

Keep your social media presence real.  Don’t over edit, do let your personality shine.

I can help you develop social media as a tool.  Lets talk! stephanie@accessguidance.com or 510-212-6679.

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